Management of knowledge, intellectual property, and other innovation-related activities arising from the project is one of the key tasks of the WINTHER project. Building on the success of precursor project INNODERM, we aim to improve and expand the capabilities of our already exploited products. We continue to develop upon the innovations that were previously identified and look for new avenues of innovation during the project. The Raster-Scan Optoacoustic Mesoscopy device with fast capabilities (F-RSOM) is the main exploitable output of the project. Several RSOM devices have been sold already, with the intent for clinical research. Clinical commercialization that will incorporate new advances made through WINTHER,  is currently underway through the process CE marking, which is expected to be obtained by 2024.


The RSOM Explorer C50 features a mobile cart system with a flexible mechanical arm for user-friendly detector positioning on the skin. Laser safety features such as a foot pedal interlock are integrated to fulfill key requirements of the clinical environment. Available through iThera Medical GmbH.
The RSOM Explorer P50 consists of a compact mobile cart system with a light-tight imaging chamber including a live-view camera for experiment supervision and a heated animal bed with integrated anesthesia supply. Available through iThera Medical GmbH.


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