RAYFOS Ltd is a UK-based company founded in 2012 in the space of scientific software engineering and real-time processing systems. The core staff expertise is based on more than two decades of R&D in metrology system design and the corresponding data analysis associated with large data processing operations, in particular large arrays of detectors such as video cameras and optoacoustic sensors. Rayfos is developing OEM solutions based on optical sensors and systems, advanced real time data acquisition and signal processing and high speed, scalable computation architectures. The company designs and produces integrated system-level solutions based on state-of-the-art sensor technology, enhanced with advanced data acquisition and novel signal processing algorithms. 

While the model of operations today is Business to Business (B2B), Rayfos is aiming at a Business to Customer (B2C) model with direct sales of middleware software solutions around robust data processing tools developed by the company. The company plans to grow its B2C sector in addition to serving industrial partners and WINTHER can play a central role in growing this activity. Rayfos will engage in software, graphical user interface, data inversion, quantification and data handling operations associated with the demanding image reconstruction requirements proposed. Achieving fast computational performance in processing of large volume data, while still using a highly flexible off-the shelve Operating System is the key approach.