Conference Contributions

Meeting NamePartnerPresentation TitleDateLocation
European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems 2021TUMECS Innovation award acceptance talkNov-21Munich, Germany
European Molecular Imaging Meeting 2021TUM/iTheravarious talks, posters, exhibitsAug-21Göttingen, Germany
ECBO World Photonics CongressTUMPlenary talk by Vasilis NtziachristosJun-21Munich, Germany
Zeiss Symposium on OpticsTUMKeynote lecture by Vasilis NtziachristosJun-21Munich, Germany
iThera Webinar SeriesiThera3D Imaging of Vascular Anomalies using RSOMApr-21Munich, Germany
INNODERM Industry workshop/webinarTUM/iTheraOptoacoustic Imaging in DermatologyMar-21Munich, Germany
iThera Webinar SeriesiTheraOptoacoustic imaging in inflammatory bowel diseaseMar-21Munich, Germany
Journée Thématique at Cosmet'in LyoniTheraEvaluating skin features with raster-scanning optoacoustic mesoscopy (RSOM)Mar-21Lyon, France

Meeting NamePartnerPresentation TitleDateLocation
Schwanke meets Science German TV showTUMUnsichtbares sichtbar machenNov-20Munich, Germany
iThera Webinar SeriesTUMA novel view on skin inflammation by means of Raster-Scanning Optoacoustic Mesoscopy (RSOM)Nov-20Munich, Germany
Helmholtz Webinar SeriesTUMOptoacustics Mesoscopy: from basic concepts to clinical prospectsJun-20Munich, Germany
iThera Webinar SeriesiTheraMultiscale Clinical Optoacoustic Skin ImagingJun-20Munich, Germany
iThera WebinariTheraInnovations in optoacoustic imaging for preclinical and clinical researchApr-20Munich, Germany
iThera WebinariTheraImaging Tumor Function and Response with OptoacousticsApr-20Munich, Germany
EAA Tumor MicroenvironmentiTheraDepicting biological changes after targeted tumor therapy using raster-scanning optoacoustic mesoscopy (RSOM)Mar-20Lisbon, Portugal
DDG Kompakt und Praisnah 2020 (Poster)TUMOptoakustische Bildgebung bei Livedo-VaskulopathieFeb-20Dresden, Germany