June 3, 2020: RSOM webinar hosted by iThera given by Dr. Juan Aguirre

As the pandemic continues and most of us find ourselves working from home, the WINTHER team is finding new and innovative ways of spreading their findings. Here, Dr. Juan Aguirre of TUM presents his most recent findings using the RSOM during the Institute for Biological and Medical Imaging’s colloquium.

This presentation is a test run for new webinar series that, with the help of partner iThera Medical that hosts its own webinar platform, will present optoacoustic mesoscopy related talks. The seminars will occur periodically and will feature clinicians and scientists highlighting the clinical uses of the RSOM.

You can watch all of our RSOM related webinars on our webinars page, https://winther.munichimaging/publications/webinars, or on the iThera Medical website, www.ithera-medical-com/resources/webinars.